This Red Pepper Jelly recipe has been in my family for years, totally easy!
Tip to make your red pepper jelly turn out. When preping..measure your ingredients. be sure the peppers are cut well with all of the white membrane completely cut off the pepper before processing. This WILL make the difference in a beautiful rich red colour or a peachy orangy  jelly.
Red Pepper Jelly..
4 large ripe red peppers(cut all seeds/white core stuff out) either use processor or cut up with knife
If you like it hot…experiment with peppers..add a habanero,banana pepper or a chili pepper – wear gloves when prepping these!! 🙂
5 1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup white vinegar

Mix above ingredients together in a large pot with high sides…slowly bring to a boil…then simmer stirring constantly for 15 minutes.
Don’t take your eyes off it as it will boil over like crazy 🙂

Remove from heat let sit 20 minutes

After 20 min..put back on burner and heat up again to a simmer…add

1 packet of liquid certo

1/3 cup lemon juice (real is best – 1 large will usually do it)
Bring back up to boil…simmer for 5 minutes and then remove from heat. Jar within 5 minutes…Will still appear very much like liquid..
no fear…seal them up and let them sit usually sets within a few hours.

Keeps for weeks in fridge …although have never had any last that long..

I put oven on to 250…wash jars and sit on cookie tray in oven to sterilize for 20 min-lids should be put in boiling water until ready to use